Without full transparency into third-party vendors’ marketing and lead generation efforts, institutions may face low conversion rates and even regulatory risk.

Cygnus’s vendor management/agency of record (AOR) services ensure a compliant mix that delivers high-intent prospective students and transparent enrollment growth. Our proactive account and media teams manage third-party vendors that provide CPL and CPC services and maximize their conversion performance at scale. This allows our partner institutions to focus on internal best practices while we plan and optimize campaigns based on real-time data to achieve our partners’ lead target allocations and conversion rates.



  • Using our data team, Cygnus leverages aggregate data to conduct a 3D analysis of historical performance.


  • We then zero in on key performance indicators to identify the building blocks of a high-intent prospective student audience:
    • Demographic insight
    • Regional metrics
    • Seasonality impact
    • Creative performance
    • Platform-specific data
    • Life events

  • Our AOR team selects from and manages Cygnus’ network of performance marketing partners, as well as Cygnus’ high-performing internal team, who have demonstrated success at delivering high-intent prospective students for the identified target audiences.


  • Once the campaign is underway, we intensely monitor early performance indicators closely to ensure we deliver high converting sources at scale while engaging with Cygnus’ vendor network in ongoing performance analysis and optimization.


We provide 100% transparency into all optimization decisions, which are made entirely on performance – we do not favor any sources in any way, shape, or form.

Cygnus’ proprietary Marketing Technology provides transparency, compliance, and peace of mind for our university partners by allowing them access to active copy, creative, and landing pages that are live and in use across the entire student journey.


Because Cygnus is a top-tier marketing and enrollment management partner with decades of experience in higher education management for both universities and agencies, we can provide negotiating power from our established network of education lead vendors to achieve our university partners’ cost per acquisition targets at scale. In addition, through our in- house analytics teams and proprietary Marketing Technology, our university partners achieve their enrollment goals with the peace of mind that stems from Cygnus’ focus on performance, transparency, and compliance.