Your Brand is Defined by the Experience’s Students have with Your Institution


Cygnus can help you design brand experiences that will be meaningful and valuable to your prospective students.

Your institution’s brand identity isn't just its logo or creative elements. An institution’s brand represents the entire student experience – from the prospective student journey, to the student experience, through graduation and beyond. The overall experience an institution provides, and the return-on-investment your students realize, are critical parts of your brand. The student experience shapes the overall image your institution projects to the outside world and therefore the opinions others hold of your institution.

A strong brand identity is an essential part of any advertising or marketing campaign. It increases name recognition and boosts effectiveness of your communication by imprinting a memorable trace of your institution’s mission and goals onto your target audience. Most importantly, successful branding creates brand equity.

At Cygnus, we approach brand development strategy in three phases: Research, Strategy and Creative Execution.

Research & Strategy:

  • RESEARCH - during the initial phase, we review existing brand assets, conduct a series of focus groups and stakeholder interviews, and complete a competitive and market analysis.
  • STRATEGY - during the second phase, we conduct an in-depth analysis of research results to uncover current brand perceptions and a potential future brand direction. This stage leads to the initial development of the brand strategy

Creative Execution

  • CREATIVE - once a strategy framework has been established, we begin the creative stage with the development of a brand concept and omni-channel proof of concepts designed to visually represent the company’s brand moving forward.

Position your brand through the eyes of your students and their experience!

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